Item Drop Off Instructions.

1. Decide what item(s) you would like to sell with us. Feel free to bring them however you want, whether it's in boxes, bags or on hangers... whatever is best for you, is best for us. Just make sure they follow our guidelines on condition & brands... more details can be found here.

2. Pull up to the front of our store at your scheduled time & have your appointment QR code from your SMS/text messages ready for us to scan.

 Helpful arrival tips:

    • Our name has changed so our large outdoor sign still says "Luxus & Invoco" but we have updated purple signs on our windows.
    • Please pull your vehicle up onto the walkway, do not park in the parking lot.
    • No need to call or text when you arrive.
    • Please do not attempt to enter the facility, we do not allow customers inside at this time.

3. An employee will come out at your appointment time, scan your QR code & then bring your items inside to our facility. 

You will receive a confirmation notification once you have finished dropping off your items and you will be able to follow the status of your item valuation on your selling account.

Our team will value your items and contact you with your consignment payout estimate & instantPAY (buyout) offer within 1-5 business days.
Need to change your appointment or have questions? Contact Us.